Edgar Allan Poe (wacom sketch)
A little bit of Dylan. (Ink and watercolour)
Illustration for the poem Ecstasy by Sarojini Naidu.
Medium : 0.25 Micron, 0.5 Gel Pen, Watercolour.
I find it so poetic that my dad’s old copy of A Farewell To Arms looks like it has bullet holes seared through its pages.
Infographic based on Porcupine Tree’s concept album, Fear of a Blank Planet.
*Figures may not be accurate, as they are at least a year old, and also an estimated value.
Brown Sugar, a work-in-progress display typeface.
Background image by Mudra Kansara.
Childless Woman by Sylvia Plath

Medium - 0.25mm Micron, 0.5mm Gel Pen, Watercolour.